The Groton Channel

Free Video Production Workshops

The Groton Channel is offering free video production workshops to area residents.

They will run for four Mondays beginning March 24th. This year we are offering a choice of two different time slots: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Please sign up through Groton Community Educaton, 978-448-0398.

Week 1:

The first class is an introduction to many basic concepts. We will cover a number of topics including: How PEG Access Works, Basic Camera Composition, Studio Production Roles, Tape Formats, and Basic Camera Commands. We will finish the class by recording a mock talk show.

Week 2:

In the second class we will discuss the camera tools available to capture the best possible image. Specifically, we will cover white balance, iris, shutter, ND filters, and gain. We will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using a camera’s automatic settings.

Week 3:

Audio is an absolutely critical part of any production and can make the difference between a polished show and a poorly produced amateur video. In the third class, we will go over various types and uses of microphones, as well as how to best use our cameras and mixers to get the optimal results. In this class we will also go over the many types of connectors used in video production and the fine art of cable-coiling!

Week 4:

In the final week we will focus on field production. We cover everything from how to prepare to what shots to get to bring back to the edit suite. We will also discuss techniques for better handheld camera work (although tripods are always encouraged) and basic rules for covering a multi-angle scene or interview.

At the conclusion of the class, participants who wish to become certified in the use of our equipment may take the multiple choice test which covers the whole course.